Mini Dried Pork

Mini Dried Pork


-50gm per box


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  1. Microwave 微波加热

           Remove the packaging and heat with microwave oven in medium heat for 10-20 seconds before serving.

           (Due to variation temperature of microwave oven, heating time may require adjustment) 

           拆下包装袋将肉干取出, 然后放进微波炉并使用中火加热10至 20秒。(由于微波炉的温度变化,加热时间需要自行调整)


  1. Hot Water (Only suitable for vacuum pack) 浸泡热水 (仅适用于真空包装) 

           Keep the vacuum pack intact, soak it in hot water (~80°c) for 5 minutes before serving. 


Mini Dried Pork

Loong Kee's Mini Vacuum Packed Dried Meat comes with 4 flavours (Original Pork Dried Meat, Original Chicken Dried Meat, Chili Pork Dried Meat, and Black Pepper Pork Dried Meat). Individually and vacuum packed these bite size snacks retains its flavour and freshness while making it easy to carry. Now you can enjoy the dried meat anytime, anywhere and say goodbye to greasy fingers and cleaning up!

龍记贴心推出的迷你真空包装肉干。一口大小的体积,封密的真空包装技术,出门便于携带,味道绝对的封锁,让您随时随地可以方便享用原汁原味的肉干。 迷你真空包装有原味猪肉干、原味鸡肉干、辣味猪肉乾和黑胡椒猪肉干共四个口味任您选择。


Packaging Size 包装尺寸

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