Delivery and Shipping Policy



  1. We deliver within West Malaysia only.
  2. Your orders will be packed & arranged for delivery within 1-3 working days after payment has been received.
  3. Please contact our courier service provider if you did not receive your parcel after the due date.
  4. We are only able to deliver your parcel to one delivery address per transaction order.
  5. We do not offer store pickup services from online purchase at the moment.


  1. The shipping and delivery charges will be displayed in your final order summary page, just before you authorize the payment of your order.
  2. All prices including delivery charges quoted on Loong Kee Dried Meat website are in Malaysia Ringgit and inclusive of 6% SST (Sales Services Tax).
  3. Prices on Loong Kee Dried Meat website can be subjected to change without prior notice.


  1. You will receive the tracking number by email, after we shipped your order. If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your junk mail.
  2. You can track your order from courier service provider official website.
  3. You are encouraged to keep track of your order when we send you the tracking details of your order.


  1. 我们仅在西马境内送货。
  2. 在收到付款后,您的订单将在一至三个工作日内处理好并安排货运。
  3. 如果您在该货运期限内未收到包裹,请联系我们的快递服务提供商。
  4. 每笔交易或订单目前只能将您的包裹配送到一个货运地址。
  5. 我们目前不对网上订单提供自取服务。


  1. 运输费和货运费将显示在您的最终订单摘要页面中,即您授权支付订单之前的页面。
  2. 龙记肉干网站上的所有价格(包括货运费)均以马来西亚令吉为单位,并包含六巴仙的销售服务税。
  3. 龙记肉干网站的价格如有更改,恕不另行通知。


  1. 在我们发货后,您将通过电子邮件收到追踪码。如果您在收件箱中没有看到该电子邮件,请检查您的垃圾邮件。
  2. 您可以从快递服务提供商官方网站追踪您的订单。
  3. 当我们向您发送订单的追踪码时,我们鼓励您自行追踪您的订单。